Sunday, July 17, 2011

3 S's to live by - SHOPPING SHOES & SALES!!!

So i went shopping this weekend in NYC..For some reason i can never
go shopping without buying atleast 1 pair of shoes..Can you say ADDICT?!
BTW I got 3 Hey I'm a sucker for a SALE!!!

STEVE MADDEN 129.95-  FOREVER 21- 22.80

So like i said Im a total sucker for a bargain and these shoes were no exception!
i stopped at STEVE MADDEN 1st because i was looking for some type of floral shoe.I stumbled upon these gorgeous floral pumps that i was going to buy except my daughter was rushing me to go to Forever 21!! SOOOOOOO thank god she did because I found a very
similiar pair for WAY less and just as cute for a little over $100 less!! How can you not go for the bargain?! I look at it like this " the cheaper the find the more you can buy" think about it!

Now i didnt get the floral pumps from STEVE MADDEN but i decided to go back because 1q pair of shoes is never enough ;) I managed to walk out with these gorgeous leopard platforms which just happen to be called "GORJUSS" cute huh?!

Last but not least my ZARA green heels! I got them on sale for $30 so i couldnt help it.. not to mention this exact green is my absolute favorite color. Pointed heels are also making a comeback and bright colors are a must not only in your wardrobe but shoes as well!! : )

PS- I'll be sure to post pics when i pair my shoes with some outfits- ENJOY!!

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