Monday, July 25, 2011

OOTD- Lovin Leopard

Blazer- Vintage
Top- Mandee
Jeans- Old wore them before ;)
Leopard Heels- Steve Madden
Leopard Purse- ALDO (old)
Accessories- Forever 21

Sunday, July 24, 2011

BOLD is the new Black!

I absolutely love how much fashion has evolved! its just so bold and brave and completely out there! You can experiment so much with colors and prints without feeling like you have limits! THIS IS THE TRUE DEFINITION OF FASHION!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

3 S's to live by - SHOPPING SHOES & SALES!!!

So i went shopping this weekend in NYC..For some reason i can never
go shopping without buying atleast 1 pair of shoes..Can you say ADDICT?!
BTW I got 3 Hey I'm a sucker for a SALE!!!

STEVE MADDEN 129.95-  FOREVER 21- 22.80

So like i said Im a total sucker for a bargain and these shoes were no exception!
i stopped at STEVE MADDEN 1st because i was looking for some type of floral shoe.I stumbled upon these gorgeous floral pumps that i was going to buy except my daughter was rushing me to go to Forever 21!! SOOOOOOO thank god she did because I found a very
similiar pair for WAY less and just as cute for a little over $100 less!! How can you not go for the bargain?! I look at it like this " the cheaper the find the more you can buy" think about it!

Now i didnt get the floral pumps from STEVE MADDEN but i decided to go back because 1q pair of shoes is never enough ;) I managed to walk out with these gorgeous leopard platforms which just happen to be called "GORJUSS" cute huh?!

Last but not least my ZARA green heels! I got them on sale for $30 so i couldnt help it.. not to mention this exact green is my absolute favorite color. Pointed heels are also making a comeback and bright colors are a must not only in your wardrobe but shoes as well!! : )

PS- I'll be sure to post pics when i pair my shoes with some outfits- ENJOY!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sunny Days!

My daughter caught me by surprise and took this pic...
Came out pretty good for a random pic but i decided to revamp it a little
It was so sunny i looked pale, which by the way is one of my pet peeves : P

Shirt- GUESS
Fedora & Jeans- Mandee

Friday, July 15, 2011


Yesterday i went to my boyfriends grandmothers 70th b-day party
I tried to funk it up a bit & some how threw this lil outfit together
BTW i changed into some brown DOLCE VITA wedges
because i kinda predicted my feet would start hurting by the end of the night...
NEVER FAILS right ladies ;) ENJOY!!



Jacket Shorts & Belt- Old Navy
Shirt- Forever21
Shoes Bag & Earrings- ALDO
Necklace- Mandee

Thursday, July 14, 2011

JESS what I like....


My girls have done it again!!!
As if us girls weren't obsessed with nail polish as it is HA!
The KK dolls have come out with their own nail poilsh for Nicole by O.P.I
and i must say the names alone will having you running to the stores.. TOO CUTE! 
 (Just to name a few)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

OOTD- Feathers & Mint

Just a quick Outfit of the Day for you guys..
nothing crazy just went out for a walk with my daughter
which BTW is my ;)
FYI you guys when in doubt throw a jean vest on
goes with basically anything and is def a MUST-HAVE piece in your wardrobe... ENJOY!

Vest shorts & belt- Forever21
Shirt and bag- Mandee
Sunglasses- Charlotte Russe

Monday, July 4, 2011

Nice & Neon

 Kim Kardashian
Color blocking is def all the RAGE in fashion nowadays and i must say my girl kim did it well!! I love how she mixed the two unexpected colors together to form such a cute & simple combination :-)


Elise Overland Dress
 Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes